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Millennial Mindset: Gearing Your Wellness Program to Attract the Young at Heart
November 2017

Lynn Curry, President and Co-Owner, RLA USA LLC participated in the panel discussion about how properties are courting those guests who prefer choices with no limits at HX, the largest hospitality show in North America, on 12 November.

What does wellness mean to a Millenial? How is that different from GenX and Boomers? Do Millenial guests care about brands? Among many others these questions were discussed in a lively conversation at the event. Two of the key findings of the conversation were that flexible wellness solutions, innovative and creative initiatives are key to meet the expectations of those “young at heart”. Furthermore, they want the location, and if a brand is in that location, they may have a good perception about the brand, but they will talk about the experience.

HX was held in New York City, gave attendees a 360° impression of the guest experience, and was catered to hotel owners, GMs, and hospitality property executives from resorts, through independent and branded hotels, to management and purchasing companies and more. 

For more information, please visit the 
HX event website.